11” Blade Authentick British Gurkha Afghan Kukri red rose wood handle brown sheath handmade by Khukuri & Craft

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Afghan Red Rosewood khukuri is popular among warrior at afghan land. This khukuri is quite different from other khukuri and is good for working purpose. The Gurkhas are deployed since the war started for Enduring Operation Freedom in Afghanistan. The Regiment is decided to carry new kukri fit to the Afghan environment. Therefore the Afghan Kukri AEOF is issued to Gurkhas. It is about 16′ in overall length with 11′ blade Double Fullers (Angkhola Style) semi-polished made of high graded carbon Steel, Very sharp blade. The handle is made of Rose- wood. The shape is different and has finger grip. It is full tang handle running through it making it super strong which is about 5” long. The scabbard is natural leather which is Brown color. Two small knife ‘karda’ and ‘Chakmak’ are with this khukuri. ‘karda’ sharp one is for small type of work and ‘Chakmak’ blunt one is for sharping the blade. Besides carrying in war time this knife can be used as a domestic tool to cut wood, meat, clearing bushes etc. Fullers on the blade help for continue cutting.This is handcrafted kukri therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement. Blade size & Type: 11 Inches (27.94 cm) Hand made, Highly Grade Carbon Steel, Semi-polished Blade Handle size: 5 Inches (12.7 cm) full tang handle made of Rose Wood. Overall Length: 16 Inches (40.64 cm) from tip of the blade to pommel of the handle (Aprox) Thickness: 10 mm (1 cm) Weight: 2.44 lbs (1110 grams) Approx, Blade and Sheath & Karda & Chakmak Scabbard: Cotton Covered in Buffalo Leather. Blade Hardness: Spine: 22-25 RC, Belly: 45-46 RC, Edge: 58-60 RC, Steel Type: 5160 Car Spring Origin: Dharan, East Nepal Karda & Chakmak: These are small knives come with Kukri. Karda is small knife used of skinning animal hairs and Chakmak is used of sharpening the Kukri blade in its blunt. When you bid or buy this item you will also get these two unique knives.


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